Types of paper

Research Papers: these papers are fully documented, interpreted accounts of significant findings of original research.

Review Papers: these are critical and comprehensive reviews that provide new insights or interpretations of a subject through a thorough and systematic evaluation of available evidence.

Short Review: these are short, timely articles that summarise recent developments in a field without providing an exhaustive review of all the literature.


Papers could be in one of the following languages: Uzbek, Russian, English. Papers must be grammatically correct.


Major corrections cannot be undertaken by either the editor or the publishers; if your paper is not prepared in accordance with these instructions it may not be considered further. Where requested to do so in the course of the peer review process, authors must revise their papers.

Use of word processing software

The preferred format for electronic versions is Microsoft Word. Please supply only the final version of your file, to avoid any risk of old versions of the text being used in error. Figures should be embedded in the main text.

Article structure

Papers should be well structured; they must comprise:


Short title of no more than 80 characters

Author name(s), email addresses for each author. Please indicate who the corresponding author is. Author(s) affiliation.

Abstract: no more than 200 words briefly specifying the aims of the work, the main results obtained, and the conclusions drawn.

Keywords: up to 6 keywords (in alphabetical order) which will enable subsequent abstracting or information retrieval systems to locate the paper.

Main text: for clarity, this should be subdivided into:

Introduction: describing the background of the work and its aims.

Methods: a brief description of the methods/techniques used.

Results and Discussion: a clear presentation of experimental results obtained, highlighting any trends or points of interest.

Conclusions: a brief explanation of the significance and implications of the work reported.

References: these should be accessible sources. Please ensure that all work cited in the text is included in the reference list and that the dates and authors given in the text match those in the reference list. References must always be given in sufficient detail for the reader to locate the work cited.


All figures should be embedded and correctly positioned within your Word files. Figures should appear in numerical order, be described in the body of the text, and be positioned close to where they are first cited. Each figure should have a caption that describes the illustration, and that can be understood independently of the main text.

Make sure all figures and tables will fit inside the text area.


Please submit tables as editable text and not as images. Number tables consecutively in accordance with their appearance in the text and place any table notes below the table body.


References should be listed alphabetically at the end of the paper. Journal uses MLA, APA, ГОСТ reference styles.