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Hasanov Behzod Normurot o‘g‘li
Hamroyeva Dilnoza Tohir qizi


This article provides detailed information about the use of modern pedagogical technologies, in particular, "Scarabey" technology in the educational process. "Skarabey" technology includes interactive methods that help students develop thinking, logical thinking and memory. The article is mainly related to the science of mathematics, and the application of this technology in the process of studying the topic "Multiplying a polynomial by a polynomial" is highlighted. This article serves as a methodological guide for mathematics teachers and shows the advantages of using interactive methods in the educational process. It offers effective approaches to teach students to think independently and creatively, turning theoretical knowledge into practical skills.

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Hasanov , B. ., & Hamroyeva , D. . (2024). MULTIPLYING A MULTIPLICATION BY A MULTIPLICATION. Евразийский журнал предпринимательства и педагогики, 2(2), 47–51. извлечено от